Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Good News: Enjoy pre-monsoon discount of 40% on romance books!

Monsoon and romance are often considered synonymous to eachother and they indeed are.
Now, enjoy the romantic monsoon reading bestseller romantic novels in your balcony that too at throwaway prices!, the online bookstore where you can buy books online at best prices in India, is offering pre-monsoon discount on romance books. The discount ranges from 25% to 40%.
Some of the national and international bestsellers which are offfered at throwaway prices under this offer inlcude Gone with the Wind, Love Story, The Notebook, PS I Love You, The Infatuations, Love in The Time of Cholera, A Kiss Like That and other international titles.
The online bookstore has also come up with great discounts on romantic bestsellers of the country including, I too Had a love story, Our Impossible Love, Two States, Half Girlfriend, World’s Best Boy Friend, Love Happens Again, Youre trending in my dreams, etc
There is something about monsoons and love. When the thought of rains comes to our mind the images of our loved ones conjure up. Monsoons could be muddy or even spoilsport for some works but on the brighter side, they delight our romantic moods.
And it is said romance is one of the most beautiful feelings endowed upon us by god and books help us cherish and feel it more intensely, and what else can be the best way to express this feeling than books.
Read more, romance more with the pre-monsoon offer of the online bookstore! And enjoy the tickling romance with a cup of coffee and your favorite book, and of course your beloved!

Thursday, 19 May 2016

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Best of Luck