Friday, 16 October 2015

Selling old books online at, comes with great rewards!

If you want to sell old books online at our bookstore, it really comes with great rewards.

Yes, because with every old book that you list at for sales, you get a discount coupon of 5% which can be used to buy books online at best prices in India at
This is irrespective of whether your old books are sold or not. It means that you have already recovered a part of the cost of your old book, by merely listing it on
Listing your old book for sale is so simple!

Just follow these basic steps :- • Sign in at
• Click at sell your old book option
• Click a picture of your book
• Upload it on the given link
• Write description of your book
• Put your contact details so that interested buyers could contact you

As soon as you are through with these, we will process the required authorization and put your old book for sale on Normally it is done within few hours, at the maximum in 24 hours your book will be live for sales

Will I get new discounts for multiple listings of old books from the same account ?

Yes. With every new listing you will get new discounts, as long as you are listing different book, not the one which you have already uploaded.

Enjoy selling!


Sunday, 11 October 2015

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