Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Great Expectations—Film and The Book

An adaptation of the novel Great Expectations by Charles Dickens is now being filmed on big screen in India by Abhishek Kapoor. The director who made his debut by adapting Chetan Bhagat’s ‘Three Mistakes of My Life’.
Great Expectations  is a masterpiece by Dickens,  though like all the other novels of him, this also centers  around an orphan child (Pip), but the mastery of Dickens lies in creating a character like Miss Havisham, (most probably adaptation of this character will be played by Indian actress Tabu in the film), a character which is romantic, yet a  villain. Miss Havisham, who was ditched by her lover on her wedding day, has not even changed her clothes since, then. The clock in her house, has become stagnant, it has stopped, at the time when she got the news of being ditched. She has not changed her wedding dress since then, nor has she removed the wedding cake, it all lies like that. 
Havisham, develops a animosity for the males after she is ditched. She then develops, Estella, --the leading lady—as a weapon against males, she wants to use this weapon to take revenge from the males of this world. 
Her first target is Pip—an orphan—who comes to work at Havisham’s. Though what happens to Pip & Estella in the end is a mystery to be unraveled after reading the great classic of Dickens. At, the online bookstore where you can buy books online in India at best prices, we are now offering great discount on the book Great Expectations, grab your copy to enjoy.
As a bookish,  I have kept my fingers crossed whether Abishek Kapoor will be able to do justice with the great work of English Literature or not,  let’s see and hope for the best.  It’s always books, the written text, which makes more deep sense to me, than the feature films.
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Happy Reading!